2021 Montana Legislative Session

Speak Up for Clean Water!

Are you a dedicated river advocate who wants to help protect clean water?

We’ve been tracking things closely during the 2021 Montana Legislative Session to ensure proposed legislation protects clean water and does not harm the watershed. We need your voice to help speak up for Montana’s rivers and streams!

How you can help:


HB693: AMENDMENT DEFEATED: A dangerous amendment was added to this bill on April 26 calling for taxpayer-funded, McCarthy-esque harassment and intimidation of environmental groups and their members. This amendment was removed via unanimous vote by the conference committee on Tues. 4/27. The revised bill will be returned to the House floor for a vote by the full House either Tues. 4/27, or Wed. 4/28. Thank you for taking action to help defeat this amendment! CFC no longer opposes this bill.

SB164: Big Hole River in springtime DEFEATED!!
We did it!  Thanks to your help, this dangerous bill that would have allowed more nutrient pollution in groundwater, rivers, and lakes was voted down on April 14th. THANK YOU for defending clean water!!

Other bills we’re tracking:

  • SB358 (CFC OPPOSES): Replaces state numeric nutrient standards with narrative standards, which weakens protections, which could cause more harmful algae blooms on MT rivers. As of 4/13This bill was heavily amended in the House, including changes that address some of our concerns. But CFC remains opposed, as we believe there should be no backsliding on clean water protections. SB358 as amended was returned to the Senate on April 13. The amended version will likely be voted on by the full Senate within the week. Read CFC’s 3/29 testimony here, and our earlier testimony here. We continue to track this bill.
  • HB170 (NEUTRAL): Generally revises the state’s energy and tax laws to incentivize the production of “green hydrogen.” CFC fully supports the use of green hydrogen and its potential as a renewable energy supply for Montana, but we have questions about one key aspect: the water. How much water is needed to produce green hydro and where will that water come from? This bill has passed both houses and awaits the governor’s signature. We will continue to research the water implications of any green hydrogen development in Montana.
  • SB140 (OPPOSED): A deeply flawed and dangerously partisan bill that eliminates the non-partisan Judicial Nomination Commission and gives the governor sole power to fill judicial vacancies.
    • SB140 passed both houses and was signed by Gov. Gianforte on March 16.
    • On March 17, SB 140 was challenged as unconstitutional by the League of Women Voters of Montana and several individuals who were involved in the drafting of Montana’s 1972 Constitution. The group requested that the Montana Supreme Court delay any implementation of the new law until it has been reviewed by the Court.
    • Read CFC’s testimony here.

The 2021 legislative session runs until April 30th, and we will continue to need your help protecting clean water. Check back at this page, or become a Water Watchdog for the latest information and action opportunities. Thank you!

* Paul Roos was a tireless and legendary river advocate and former CFC board member who passed away in late 2020. We miss his wit and wisdom every day, but his life’s work continues to inspire us to care for the Clark Fork River watershed.