Thank You!

December 16, 2016

Do you have any idea how much you did for Montana’s rivers and streams this year? Just to be sure you understand the power of your support, we wanted to give you the highlights from 2016. Thank you for making all of this possible! Your support truly makes a difference for the Clark Fork River and is essential to its recovery.


more clean water
  • 4 billion gallons restored through water-saving projects
  • 5 streams stayed connected year-round
  • 7 miles of spawning grounds and cold water refuge opened to native trout
  • 40 sites monitored on 20 creeks




less pollution
less pollution
  • 530,000 cubic yards of mine waste removed from along 4.3 miles of the upper river
  • 20,000 new riparian shrubs planted in 125 acres floodplain
  • Progress made on mercury cleanup in Flint Creek drainage
  • Groundwork laid for cleanup of contaminated Smurfit-Stone site




healthier habitat
healthier habitat
  • 13 miles of eroding logging roads decommissioned and 19 fish-blocking culverts removed
  • mountains of silt kept out of trout streams
  • many tons of invasive weeds removed
  • 1.5 miles of burned streambanks mitigated and planted




smarter river stewards
smarter river stewards
  • 1,000+ students inspired with hands-on watershed training
  • science- and STEM-based curricula in 6 school districts
  • 130,000 learning hours by students from Missoula to Anaconda
  • 60 at-risk youth introduced to the river and river stewardship





no new harm
no new harm
  • Wilderness waters and bull trout habitat protected from mines
  • 2,000 comments expressing concern on Rock Creek Mine submitted by CFC members and partner organizations
  • Big court victory to protect unlimited groundwater pumping
  • 16 projects/policies tracked to ensure river protection




a bigger circle of care
a bigger circle of care
  • 9.2 tons of trash removed from the Clark Fork & tributaries
  • 5 streams and 2 rivers “adopted” by volunteers
  • 3,682 river-service hours logged by community members
  • 168 active and dedicated Volunteer River Corps members




Thank you for making all of this possible! Your support truly makes a difference for the Clark Fork River and is essential to its recovery. If you’d like to make a year-end gift to do even more, or would like to give the gift of clean water this holiday season click here.

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