A clean and healthy Clark Fork isn’t possible without you. 

If you’ve floated, fished, or just visited the awesome rivers and beautiful creeks of the Clark Fork watershed, you know how much they add to our lives. Did you ever wonder how you could give something back? The Clark Fork still suffers in many places from pollution and lack of water and is now facing new threats from climate change. The good news is, because people stepped up to help, this river is on the mend. All it needs now is you. 

Join other river champions to restore streams, defend clean water, and keep our waterways healthy and resilient for the long haul.

Benefits of membership

Access to information.

Members get all issues of Riffles delivered to their mailbox. This print newsletter dives deep on projects and keeps you up to date on progress in the watershed. Members also get regular email newsletters and invitations to events.

Legal protection of clean, healthy water.

By donating to the Clark Fork Coalition, you become a member of our nonprofit. In some cases, when other avenues have been exhausted, the Coalition takes legal action to compel large corporations and the government to protect our shared waterways.

A vote.

Members have the right to vote on who serves on our board of directors—ensuring high quality leadership representing diverse communities.

Your Donation Helps: