What we do


Building a culture of care for the river starts with youth education. Using sites along the Clark Fork River as the center of place-based teaching, we foster a scientific understanding of river health and stewardship that leads to a deeper sense of belonging to the watershed

How we do it

We work with educators in K-12 and college classrooms to provide high-quality learning experiences. Educators work with us to tailor a variety of hands-on watershed literacy and research activities in the classroom or in the field. From modeling the watershed to investigating the connection between snowfall and stream flow, these lessons use inquiry-based methods to tackle real-world watershed problems and answer important questions about the quality and resiliency of local rivers and streams.

You Can Help

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You Can Help

Become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.

Through our collective efforts, the river can flow with clean, cold, abundant water so that nature can flourish and our communities can thrive. We invite you to become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.