Priorities & Strategy

How we think

We believe the work on behalf of the river only succeeds and endures when diverse teams and local communities work together, based on mutual benefit, respect, and trust.

People and water are interconnected parts of a greater whole, and we solve problems by recognizing those connections and all their moving parts. We believe that — by focusing on clean water and healthy rivers — we can ensure the best possible future for the river and the people, plants, animals, and land it sustains. The motivating principle behind everything we do at the Coalition is the link between watershed health and community vitality. 

Our focus today

The next five years presents us with especially timely and unique openings to implement the Coalition’s core strategies in the Upper Clark Fork, the Bitterroot, and the Middle Clark Fork.

Because local watershed groups and conservation allies are doing critical work in other sub-basins, we are able to focus the bulk of our stream restoration, policy advocacy, and community engagement tools in these areas, applying these tools to our highest restoration and clean water priorities. 

We use the latest research and best practices to address the needs of the watershed and diverse stakeholders.

Strategic Plan: 2023-2027

Current Strategic Plan Document
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You Can Help

Become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.

Through our collective efforts, the river can flow with clean, cold, abundant water so that nature can flourish and our communities can thrive. We invite you to become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.