Lower Clark Fork

After collecting the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, and Flathead rivers, the Lower Clark Fork becomes deep and wide as it flows toward Lake Pend Oreille. Here, creeks cascade through lush forest habitat. Abundant fish, birds, and wildlife live along this stretch of river, which supports ancient cedar-hemlock forests in one of Montana’s wettest regions. You can still find threatened bull trout in the tributaries to the Lower Clark Fork, and much of the area is listed as critical habitat for this iconic native trout.

Our focus in the Lower Clark Fork

Boost watershed health, resilience, and protection in the Lower Clark Fork by carrying out long-standing commitments.

Unfortunately, proposed mines threaten to discharge polluted wastewater into the river—forever. The Coalition has spent decades protecting this watershed from the potentially devastating impacts of proposed copper/silver mines that would tunnel beneath the wilderness. And all our work upstream to remove legacy pollution, return flows, and rebuild resilience affects the health of the waterways and communities downstream.

You Can Help

Become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.

Through our collective efforts, the river can flow with clean, cold, abundant water so that nature can flourish and our communities can thrive. We invite you to become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.