Coalition History

How we came to be

In 1985, dozens of community members banded together to stop a pulp and paper mill from dumping pollution into the Clark Fork River downstream of Missoula. At the same time, more people were concerned about the toxic mining waste in the 120 miles of the Upper Clark Fork newly designated as the nation’s largest Superfund site. These twin threats and the community advocates who spoke up for the river set in motion the genesis of the Clark Fork Coalition. 

What we’ve accomplished so far

Our success is built on science-driven advocacy, public education and outreach, and rich, diverse partnerships. Using all of these elements together we can take on the technically complex, politically thorny, and socially challenging issues facing the watershed. This combination of expertise and a commitment to the long view makes the Coalition a unique and trusted force for conservation in the region, uniting people around the river cause and delivering results.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Dam removal
  • Confluence restoration
  • Legal settlements to clean up mine waste
  • Successful opposition to dangerous proposed mines
  • Improved water quality and habitat
  • Collaborative efforts to rewater and reconnect streams
  • Engaged thousands of people in caring for the river

We are adding to these successes through a range of programs as the need for our work continues.

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You Can Help

Become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.

Through our collective efforts, the river can flow with clean, cold, abundant water so that nature can flourish and our communities can thrive. We invite you to become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.