What we do


One of our most powerful tools to protect the river is advocacy—by participating in civic processes and speaking up on behalf of the river, we help shape the social environment that impacts the health of the watershed.

How we do it

Local, state, and federal governments set policies and make decisions that affect water use and river health for generations. Many agencies welcome the Clark Fork Coalition’s expertise and science-based recommendations, and we work hard to maintain respectful relationships. Our legal director, technical advisors, and staff scientists submit in-depth public comments. We participate in state and local water-related committees that develop and oversee laws and regulations and help push for better, more efficient policies. At times, when other avenues have been exhausted, we also use litigation to protect irreplaceable water resources.

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Water Watchdogs receive emails about water-related legislation and then speak up on behalf of clean water.

You Can Help

Become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.

Through our collective efforts, the river can flow with clean, cold, abundant water so that nature can flourish and our communities can thrive. We invite you to become a fellow champion of the Clark Fork Watershed.