River Ambassador Program

2021 River Ambassadors team
2021 River Ambassadors, L-R: MJ DeRosier,
Charlie Rieck, Tim Grisley, & Bela Garcia-Arce

The Clark Fork Coalition, the City of Missoula, Missoula County, and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks have teamed up to provide a Missoula-area River Ambassador program!

During the summer, river ambassadors help you recreate responsibly in the Missoula area. Ambassadors can:

  • Provide information on parking and shuttle options
  • Recommend appropriate put-ins and take-outs that protect sensitive riverbank vegetation
  • Offer river info and safety tips
  • Suggest good floats and provide maps
  • Provide mesh trash bags to help keep the river clean
  • And more!

Think of river ambassadors as your guides to a summer of awesome, safe, clean water fun! Be sure to follow them for the latest updates and info:



Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where can I find the river ambassadors? River ambassadors are on the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot rivers in the Missoula area between late June and early September. You can find them at access points, parking and shuttle areas, and sometimes on the river on SUP boards and kayaks. Ambassadors are available Thursdays – Sundays from 11 AM to 7 PM.  Just look for the friendly folks wearing light blue T-shirts with the colorful River Ambassador logo on the front and the words “RIVER AMBASSADOR” on the back:
  • Are ambassadors the river police?  Not at all! Ambassadors are there to provide information, tips, and assistance. They may offer friendly reminders to help prevent riverbank erosion or build-up of trash in or near the water.
  • Are ambassadors river guides?  No, but they can provide directions to put-ins and take-outs, offer maps, give you information on local floats, and offer suggestions and tips.
  • Can they help in an emergency? River ambassadors are not first responders, nor are they trained medical professionals. If you have an emergency call 911. Remember, don’t float beyond your ability and follow safe river practices when you’re out on the water!
    River ambassadors and park rangers work together
    River Ambassador MJ DeRosier (L) and Ben Dickinson, a park ranger with project partner, MT FWP—two friendly faces helping river users at the Milltown State Park river access!
  • What else do ambassadors do? River ambassadors also collect data on erosion problems and recreation numbers. This information helps planners determine where impacts are greatest to  determine improvement priorities.
    • You can help! Report trash, hazards, or other issues:
  • How can I contact the river ambassadors?

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