River License Plate

Take the river with you wherever you go!

Rivers plate

Next time you need to register your vehicle, do a good deed for the Clark Fork and sign up for the Montana Rivers license plate! A portion of your registration fees will then go to work to protect and restore Montana’s beautiful rivers and streams. Plus, it’s the best-looking plate around!

License plate fees have helped remove Milltown Dam, restore the Clark Fork-Blackfoot confluence, re-water thirsty streams, remove pollution from the river and floodplain, improve water protection laws, protect wilderness lakes and streams, bring watershed science to tens of thousands of people, and much more!

Show your love for clean and healthy rivers wherever you go by getting the Rivers license plate! Here’s how:

Simply visit the “Parks and Environment” collection the specialty plate section of the MT Dept. of Motor Vehicles website and scroll to or search for “Clark Fork Coalition.” (Listings are alphabetical.)

Contact Liz at 406-542-0539 ext 213 to learn more.

Thank you!