Volunteer Planting Day on Lolo Creek

Volunteer Planting Day on Lolo Creek


Saturday, September 18    

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Join the Lolo Watershed Group, in partnership with landowners, the Montana Watershed Coordination Council, and CFC to restore vegetation on the construction site of a recently-completed fish screen on Lolo Creek.

This project will help improve the health of the floodplain and stabilize the bank after the impacts of this large-scale project. You can help improve fish & wildlife habitat while also getting a firsthand look at this innovative new screen, which will prevent the loss of more than 10,000 fish per year!

Register here, and/or to learn more, email Maeve Holman (maeve@lolowatershed.org) or Heather Brighton (Lolo Watershed Group Coordinator, heather@lolowatershed.org).