The Clark Fork Needs All of Us

May 24, 2017

The 14th Annual Clark Fork River Cleanup was on April 22nd and we were fortunate to have perfect weather this year, which brought 900 volunteers to the banks of the Clark Fork to enjoy a great day of river service. Friends, families, co-workers, local organizations, youth groups, and others pitched in, removing three tons of trash and 1,300 pounds of recyclables! That means a safer river for people and pets (less glass, metal, and other dangerous materials), and a healthier environment for fish and aquatic species. A huge thank you to volunteers for making this special day happen!

Unfortunately, one cleanup a year is not enough to keep the river trash-free. Want to help keep the cleanup momentum going year-round? You can be part of the solution!

Join the Clark Fork Coalition’s new river cleanup text alert system—TrashLine. The TrashLine makes it easy for you to both report and respond to river cleanup needs. By joining the TrashLine Team, you can easily report trashy hotspots using your phone or the CFC website. You can also opt-in to receive trash alerts on your mobile phone, so you can easily mobilize to remove trash from the river on your own time!

TrashLine is a little different from the rest of our volunteer projects, because it allows you to take action when it is most convenient for you, instead of waiting for us to organize an event. Feel free to bring your friends along when you respond to trash alerts, and help us spread the word. We’re here to support your cleanup efforts, so if you need bags, gloves, or for us to haul the trash to the dumpster, just let us know!

Follow these simple steps to join the effort today:

  1. JOIN the TrashLine Team! Text TRASHY to 33222. Within minutes, receive a welcome text and link to learn more.
  2. Automatically RECEIVE TrashLine Alerts via text. Alerts will give a detailed description of where the trash is located.
  3. RESPOND to TrashLine Alerts. Can you help? Grab your garbage bags and head to the river!
  4. REPLY to the TrashLine Alert text when the trash is cleaned. We can help you haul and dispose of trash if needed.

Report Trash:

REPORT cleanup needs by replying to your TrashLine welcome text with the location and details of the trash. Or go to and click the TrashLine link to submit a trash report online.

That’s it! After you submit your trash report, we’ll send out the TrashLine alert!

The Clark Fork needs all of us: rafters, paddle boarders, surfers, fishermen. Together we can ensure that we have a #CleanClarkFork.

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