You Make the Difference

December 20, 2017

Your support truly makes a difference for the Clark Fork River and is essential to its recovery. If you’d like to make a year-end gift to do even more, or would like to give the gift of clean water click here.


Three simple words. But three words that have enormous impact on the Clark Fork watershed.

And while the words might be simple, turning them into realities is far from it. Nor is it remotely possible without the help of members, volunteers, partners, and supporters of every kind. That’s you. How did you help this year?

Alex in creekWe could go on … but you get the point.

Getting toClean, Connected, and Protected” takes all of the above and more. Year in and year out. Over and over again. As one of our founders says, Riverkeeping is like housekeeping – you’re never done.

So, whether you’re our newest member or one of our esteemed multi-decade pillars of support, know that YOU make “clean, connected, and protected” a reality for all the rivers and streams of the Clark Fork watershed. Here’s to you!

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